Are you struggling for distance?
Frustrated with your swing?
Fed up of golf injuries?
Tired of being beaten by your mates?
Bored of practicing and not getting any better?

What's included

Hit the ball further

Add yards on to your drives and hit it past your mates by becoming stronger and more flexible.

Fix annoying swing faults

Say bye to the annoying slice or hook. Improvements in your flexibility will develop your technique faster.

Reduce injuries

Remove your aches & pains and you'll play more golf and practice consistently.

Improve your overall fitness

Forget getting tired on the back 9 or struggling carrying your bag; you'll be fitter and healthier meaning less mistakes through fatigue.

Lower your handicap and improve your scores

Reap the rewards of all of the above resulting in you becoming the golfer you've always been capable of.

What's included in the plan

A step by step, week by week programme that guides you through your plan

We'll build your programme specific to the needs of your goals and golf swing

Regular emails from me and weekly success coaching to help guide you through each stage of your plan

Full access to our golf fitness workout library with a variety of exercises specifically designed to help your swing

Loads of added extras such as recipes, articles and videos to help you make the most of your journey


"The plan has really helped with my golfing faults & mobility. I've seen my distance increase & feel like I'm swinging more consistently than before"
Mark 23 Handicap

"Training online with Pro-Fit has helped me reduce my handicap from 18 to 5. It's easy to use and follow wherever I am"
Graham 5 Handicap

If you're a committed golfer and ready to improve your game then here is what we will do for you: A free 15min golf consultation to identify your swing limitations. One of our team will assess your movement via Skype or FaceTime to advise you on what exercises you need

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