Pro-Fit Golf has been built on a lifelong passion for golf and fitness. Our mission is to help golfers of every ability level improve their games by working on their physical fitness. We know each and every golfer swings the club differently and that’s because our bodies are all unique.

With every golfer we take an individual approach in order to bring the best results in the fastest way possible. Our training is based on years of knowledge and experience to help every player become a stronger, more mobile golfer who hits the ball further and remains injury free.


Increase your club head speed and gain distance


Increase your range of motion for enhanced technique

Injury Prevention

Create a robust body that’s resistant to injury

Lower Your Scores

Consistent ball striking will lower your scores and reduce your handicap

Monthly Online Training


  • Improve your mobility, flexibility and strength
  • Increase club head speed
  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Improve technique and lower your scores
  • Structure and purpose for all of your training sessions

What your personal plan gives you…

  • Online TPI golf screening and goal setting session
  • Individualised monthly training plans, designed specifically to your needs adapting as you progress
  • Full instructional exercise videos
  • Weekly email check-ins
  • Works on any computer or smartphone

Places on our team are limited, so if youʼre a committed golfer apply to become a member today!

golf specific workouts

Core Strength For Golf

Improve your core strength and stability, maintain posture, strenghten your torso and take the pressure off your lower back. Buy Now

Upper Body Mobility

Increase the rotation in your golf swing with this series of 8 exercises focusing on the upper body.

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Lower Body Mobility

Increase your rotation in your golf swing with this series of 8 exercises focusing on the lower body.

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Power For Golf

Incease your distance and club head speed with this series of power developing exercises. This workout requires gym equipment.

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The Golf Warm Up

Full body warm-up mobilising torso, hips & shoulders whilst activating the lower body & core. These exercises will have you ready for your best.

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*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary and are based on individual circumstances. Timeframes for results are not guaranteed and commitment and a desire to change is required.